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COVID-19 update

  • Governor Closes Restaurants

     In light of the governor’s announcement to close all bars and restaurants but for carryout orders, we have made the decision to immediately suspend operations at the Creole and Punk Taco in Old Town Lansing until the ban is lifted.  This decision was not made lightly and we certainly hope that all of our customers sympathize with the stress and financial strain that this place on our employees and business. We hope that these measures are successful in ensuring our community’s continued heath, and that the spread of Covid-19 is contained.  That being said, we were given little in the way of solutions by the Governor and are scrambling to find a solution to what could be a long suspension. Please know that we truly appreciate all of your patronage over the last several years and are truly saddened by the decision that we have to make.  We hope that this is short-lived, and that Governor Whitmer has a solution for the problem that this creates.  We will be calling her office and all of our politicians to fight for aid for our restaurant workers and their families and suggest that you do that same.  For the time being, we will continue curbside "carry-out" service at Zoobies/Cosmos and East Lansing Punk Taco/Cosmos.

If it were socially acceptable, I would’ve licked every plate we had...

- Chelsey M.

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